What is a Sales Funnel and How You Can Make it To Grow Business 10x

What is a Sales Funnel and How You Can Make it To Grow Business 10x

Do you want to know what a sales funnel is? how a sales funnel works? and how it can help you get more and more customers for your business?

Sales funnel is a key strategy which helps you understand your customer your business and what can provoke action from your customer to take decisions and buy your product or services which will in turn improve your revenue generation

In this video you are going to learn in depth details how sales funnel works and how you can build your own sales funnel for your business to help you get more and more customers

The first need to understand what is a sales funnel?

So sales funnel is a strategy or a process which are formulated for your business which helps you get more leads for your business and also how our lead is converted into a paying customer through very simple process which are organised and created through your business processes

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Why do you need a sales funnel for your business?

Sales funnel helps you create a path which a customer follows before they become a customer and also it creates a process through which you are generating more leads and customers who are paying for your hardware and software or services
Without a sales funnel it is very difficult to organise and create a system through which you are selling your product and using a sales funnel you can measure how many customers are coming in who are getting converted when they are getting converted and how you can improve your sales process to get your more customers

What are the steps of a sales funnel?

There are typically four steps in a sales funnel and they are
– Awareness
– Interest
– Decision
– Action

These processes are self-explanatory that first you create awareness so more and more customers or people get to know about you in your target audience and through a hook you are creating interest among them and that is the reason why they are coming up to you inquiring more about your products and services and how it can solve the problem and provide them solution

After creating awareness and interest the customer needs to take a decision whether they want your product or service and whether they are willing to pay for that this is where they take a decision
During this process a lot of customers will Bounce off because they are unable to take decision or they are not interested to purchase your product or service and that is perfectly fine your objective is to increase the number of people are the percentage of people who are purchasing your product or services and this is what we call conversion ratio

Action is when they are taking a decision to purchase and PU for whatever that you are selling to them and you have to make sure that the time are the steps between decision and action is low and in this situation you might have to push the customer to take decision and pay you for your products and services

So let us understand why do we need a hook to get people’s attention, everyday every morning every evening and 24 hours a day you are being hammered by production services and advertisement everywhere on your cell phone on the internet on YouTube on Facebook everywhere and it is very difficult to get attention and retain attention of audience or a person in this digital age
And that is the reason why you need a hook to get them hooked to you
A hook is a way of getting and retaining people’s attention towards you it can be through sponsorship by using a celebrity bye advertisement by marketing by giving an offer it can be anything

So let us understand what are the basics of a sales funnel
First you need to understand your audience if you do not know you understand how will you approach them how will you talk with them it’s very difficult

Then you need to hook them on to your product and services and attract them then you get them on to your shop which can be online or offline where you physically display and showcase your product and services and basically try to understand how it can solve our customers problem and make the life easier and that is the reason why they are going to pay you for that

After that you can get the data take the phone number email ID so you can keep on reaching out to them and keep having them unless and until they are being converted or they just block you because until and unless someone is not blocking you on or purchasing from you he or she is a probable and a future customers say you must never let go of them and constantly have made them spam them so the remember you

Understanding your conversion ratio is also vital if you are reaching out 200 customers and 10 customers are paying you then you are hit Re Tor conversion ratio is 10% which is quite good but if you conversion ratio is 2% 3% then you need to work on your sales funnel improve that so it goes up to 7%- 10%

So how do you improve your sales funnel?
you can improve your sales funnel by doing A/B testing which is basically trying out the different approach which works and understanding the matrix-like how many customers are coming in how much lead it is it generating for you and how much revenue is coming from an individual sales funnel and then you can compare each other and focus more on what is working and remove what is not working for you

Also, you can focus and use seven deadly sins to create a deadly hook where in a lot of customers will be attracted to you


These are the seven deadly sins which you must use and include in your process in your sales funnel to get more and more customers and create more sales so best of luck and if you have any questions or queries please let us know and you can definitely join our Telegram group

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