How To Start Barbershop Salon Business in India (Hindi) | Complete Business Guide

How To Start Barbershop Salon Business in India (Hindi) | Complete Business Guide

Who is your customer
User and buyer are typically the same people unless parents are sending their child for a haircut or shave
Every individual requires personal grooming be it male or female from all segments of society, religion, economic background or location
A typical user is a: Male and Female
From age of 3 to 90 years old
Location: Anywhere
Economic Background: Any

    • Where is your customer
    • Online
    • Offline

    Your customer is offline although you can use online digital media to generate leads and create awareness among your audience

    Within 3-4 kms radius you can expect your customers to come from and this is a important factor when you are deciding the location of your business

    • Location you’re targeting
    • Urban
    • Semi-urban
    • Rural 

    You can belong to any location and start your business but the earning and expense will depend on the location you are operating from. Urban and semi urban will help you earn more compared to rural but the expenses and cost of doing business is much higher in semi urban and urban locations

    • What licenses are required?
    • Trade license
    • GST
    • Special licenses

    To do any business you require trade licence as per your location and wherever you are starting your business please refer to to the local jurisdiction or may be consult with the lawyer or chartered accountant to help you get a trade licence

    Regarding GST it is not required because you are doing business within the state and unless and until your turnover crosses 40 lakh rupees per year you are not required to take GST number for the same but if you are selling any product or service or any courses online then you have to get a GST number as you will be getting customers across the globe or maybe from different states

    • How much capital required

      • Working capital
      • Property
      • Equipment cost, fixed investment

      In this business you do not require a huge working capital to start off with unless and until you are taking a franchise for leasing a expensive place

      Whenever you are starting any business always keep 6 months of expenses as working capital with you which you can figure out when you are starting off and it includes

      • Employee salary
      • Electricity bill 
      • Rent
      • Taxes 
      • Equipment expenses 
      • Consumables such as shaving cream shampoo which is required to run a Salon or a barber shop

      You can start up by leasing a property and later on if your business grows then you can purchase the property from the owner 


      Regarding equipment cost and fixed investment there is a little bit of investment such as trimmer Shaver and other equipment which is required to run our barbershop and the biggest investment that I have to make is the Barber chair which lasts you for a long time but it is still very expensive so in this situation what you can do is you can buy equipments from old shops or resell items which has been put on cell by closed salon or barbers

      You can get all the details on the internet on VB you can connect with sellers who deal with these items


      • Capital investment per month
      • Employee expense – 10k
      • Property rental – 10-30k
      • Electricity & internet – 3k
      • Marketing & sales budget – 8k 


      • Business model
      • B2B
      • B2C
      • B2C2B
      • C2C

      B2C – direct customers

      B2B – wig making


      • Margin – over 100%
      • Industry type – personal grooming & hygiene
      • Competition

      Local barbershop and salons


      • Existing business 
      • Which are the existing businesses?
      • Are they franchisable – YES, like jawed habib, lakme salons and all
      • Business model – 



      • Workforce required
      • Semi skilled
      • Highly skilled
      • Low skilled

      Semi skilled required for basic haircutting and groom

      High skilled required for hair coloring, face treatment, body massage etc

      Low skilled for maintenance, cleaning of the store


      • Can you franchise this business
      • Systems In Place?
      • Automation Possible?
      • Margins Defined?
      • Owner Required To Monitor Business Personally?
      • Market Big Enough?
      • Brand Build-up



      • How can you win
      • Price
      • Brand Value
      • Marketing & Sales
      • Location
      • Customer Service
      • Quality
      • Visibility
      • Subscription Packages
      • Using Better Material
      • Offer Choices
      • Referral System
      • Commission System

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