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Are you looking for customers for your offline or local business shop?

As you all know due to this current lockdown and everything has changed your business the way you live the way you eat and everything around you

This is severely affected a lot of small startups small businesses where because of lack of customers they have to shut down their business and in this video we are going to discuss how you can get more and more customers even if you are a small business and offline business a local business how you can get online customers and you can reach out to them sell your product and services to generate more and more revenue and sale

This is a very vital thing because if we do not look into it and if you don’t take it seriously you will lose your business eventually which I’m pretty much sure that you do not want

First we need to understand how offline customer acquisition works that means how do you get customers at your shop offline or locally

first of all for offline businesses you have limited local reach where as in local people within a radius of 4 to 5 kilometres will come to your business because people are not going to come to you unless and until you offer a something special for unique which people will drive for 10-15 100 kilometers to reach

To get offline customers you also have to do local advertisement and the location of your shop be it in a mall or a crowded location or a heavy traffic area will also determine how much footfall you get at your store which will obviously affect your sales and revenue

The more traffic that you have the more customers are the most sales you can expect for your business

Along with that word of mouth is also very vital to grow your business if you give your customers good service and product they are going to refer your business to more and more people which will create more and more business customer leads for you

If you are looking to get online customers then how you can get them reach out to them and convert them into a paying customer?

First of all when you are reaching out to customers online you are not limited to your own location you can reach out to customers anywhere in the world through internet that is how powerful internet is and you need to leverage this power to improve and grow your business

They can come from anywhere so you have to to be prepared so you can get them. every time when you are creating a sales funnel strategy you need to be very honest and very precise to know your purpose you have to create a sales book which will get peoples attention and they will come and talk about you see about you and get to know about you and also you have to create a sales funnel which is useful and which improves your conversion of customers

When you create sales funnel with the sales hook your call-to-action is very important because if if you are call to action is not precise and not engaging and does not provoke any reaction from the customer or the lead then you are going to miss out so just make sure that your call to action is very much well prepared well defined

Now let’s talk about how you can get an online customer for your offline local business

First you need to do digital marketing through Facebook as Google as you can register yourself on Justdial IndiaMART swiggy and websites like that which is a useful platform related to your domain industry and whatever product and services that you are selling
You also need to create a referral program where your existing customers will get incentive for benefit if there for your business to their network
You have to use SMS and mail blasters to keep on hammering your customers and basically push them to convert into a paying customer
You can focus on affiliate marketing and also you need to digitise your business with applications and web sites such as WhatsApp web, your own online portal, shopify website E-commerce website something like that where people can buy your product and services directly from you

You can also use Instagram store and Facebook store to sell your product and services and you can product review your services and products on YouTube as well

Please make sure that you focus on customer service because if you are selling and not providing good service to your customers they will never come back to you or your for your business to other people

Start selling on national and global platforms such as eBay Flipkart Amazon Alibaba

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